Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Good Cigar and Sunshine

After what has seemed like weeks of cold, snowy weather yesterday finally gave us a peek of what Spring looks like. And of course a good cigar is part of the equation.

A friend and I were doing a partigyle brew yesterday. I cover what the heck that is on another site, you can click the link above if you are interested in what it means. For this site I want to talk about the cigar, of course. I have made it my responsiblity to smoke as many different kinds of cigars as I can afford. That being said, in the 2 or so years I have been smoking cigars, I have found my favs. Those cigars I save for just the right time. Just like yesterday.

The day started out kind of blustery. The sun was out but there was a chill wind blowing with it, and as I brew out on my carport i was more than a little concerned with being out there for the length of the boil. Yes, I am a cold wimp. Don't like it and if I don't have to be out in it, I choose to stay somewhere it is nice and warm. Don't judge me. Anyway, as the day wore on, the wind died down and allowed the sun to warm my chilled bones. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to break out a new cigar. It was a Gurkha Masterblend. And oh my god was it good. I have had a number of Gurkha cigars, not all that they make mind you, but a few and I have never had a bad one. Every one has a good draw, the binder stays tight, they smoke evenly down to the nub, and they are truly good cigars.

So imagine making beer in the snow, with the sun warming your bones, and a good cigar in your hand. Tell me that that isn't the best day ever.

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