Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cigars, really good cigars, great cigars

Cigar smoking can be an obsession. Those of us who are always searching for that perfect cigar know this. Cigars are a subjective hobby. The cigar that you consider too mild to be worthwhile might be the perfect cigar for one of your friends. I have found this to be true in my cigar smoking history. I started out with mild bodied cigars. Romeo y Julieta's were that starting point. After a few months of smoking them and the occasional Macanudo a friend handed me a CAO Brasilia. After smoking a full bodied cigar I was sold.

I still smoke mild cigars in the morning if I have the opportunity, and I smoke the fuller bodied cigars in the afternoon and the evening. Seems like a good balance to me. The best cigars, though, are the ones that you have smoked, liked, bought more of and stored in your humidor. Like how I snuck that back in there? A good humidor is an absolute if you smoke cigars. Unless you just buy them and smoke them immediately. But a good humidor can help you enjoy your cigars that much more. Buying your cigars and storing them in a humidor for a period of time before you smoke them can help enhance your cigar smoking pleasure. I have a friend who is bringing cigars he has had in his humidor for over a year tomorrow. I can't wait to try one of them.

That all being said, as I stated earlier cigar smoking is a subjective science. You have to try different cigars to find out what particular cigar works for you. Believe me, it can be a pleasurable hunt.

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