Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Good Cigar along for the Ride

I had to traipse The Princess to a practice the other day so I thought that I would get a good cigar in there as part of the process. And I succeeded.

The wrapper on a good cigar is tight with good veins. There are no holes in the cigar that would suggest insects. There are no loose places in the outer wrapper that would suggest drying of the cigar. Either of these problems turns a good cigar into a bad one immediately.

The draw is easy on a good cigar, not to suggest that if your cigar draws hard that it is bad. Quiet the contrary, if your draw is hard it could be suggested that you return that cigar to your humidor so that the moisture in it can be evened out over the course of a few days. The draw is also effected by how tightly the cigar was rolled. Mistakes do happen with premium cigars because they are hand rolled.

I chose a madura wrapped cigar as my treat that day. Nice, tight wrapper, sweet smell of the madura wrapping. Good draw with creamy smoke. A good cigar indeed.

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