Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is a Good Cigar

There are a number of elements that go into a good
cigar. But lets look first at what shouldn't go into one.

Loose outer wrapper. A good cigar should have a firm, slightly oily feeling outer wrapper. Anything else means that your cigar was not held at the proper level of humidity. In other words, you allowed it to dry out. A dry cigar is not fun the smoke, as it is like smoking leaves. A cigar held at the proper humidity will actually have a pleasant taste when smoked.

A badly stored cigar will also not give off the same kind of smoke that a good cigar will. A good cigar has thick, white smoke and plenty of it.

And the taste. A good cigar has the taste of a good bourbon, or a good beer to it. A taste that tells you that you are smoking something that is meant to give you pleasure.

My good cigar today was a Excalibur 1066 Black Prince. It was a very good cigar. Nice tight, slightly oily outer wrapper. A good draw to it once I cut the cap off. And the only thing missing in the taste was a good beer to go with it. But seeing as I was driving, a good beer just would not have been proper.

And that is what a good cigar is.

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