Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Real Good Cigar - A love Story

I can't think of too many of my friends who will spend much time talking about a bad cigar. Yeah, we will mention it to our cigar smoking buddies, and if we have a good relationship with our tobacconist we might mention it to him. And I do have a really great tobacconist. Most times cigar smokers just talk about the really good cigars that they have found and want to share with their buddies.

And the cigars I want to share with you are Panacea Red and Black from Flatbed Cigar Company. I have had both of these cigars and they are absolutely delicious from the start. Both are 560's. 5 delicious inches long, with a 60 ring gauge. I have smoked both on the way home from work when I have needed a smooth, comfortable smoke to relax with. Both of these cigars hit the mark. Flatbed Cigar makes their cigars in the Dominican Republic, while the company itself is based in Bucks county, Pennsylvania. This unfortunately means that you might not be able to get them where you live unless you order them through the mail. Flatbed offers a Connecticut Natural, and a Brazilian Maduro in the Panacea Black, along with a Mauro/Habano in the Panacea Red, and the just releases a Panacea Green made with Pennsylvania Broadleaf. I have had only the Red and the Black. I am looking forward to trying the green as soon as I can.

Anyway. Cigar smoking buddies share good cigars. And that is what I did today with you. You have got to try the Panacea selections from Flatbed Cigar Company.


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